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some mindboggling projects

WebPs - A Web-enabled P system simulator

A P systems simulator developed by our team at the Institute eAustria.



A Perl script that conveniently starts applications to open documents based on their extensions.
Wouldn't leave ~ without it ;-)


Dr. Robotnik

A Google, DEX etc. script for XChat.
Quite extensible (with a bit of Perl knowledge).
It is based on a nice Fserve for XChat called Obsidian.
Yes, I am one of those people that occasionally hang out on IRC.


XMMS Find-file patch

Ever wished for a function that helps you select songs from the playlist just based on title and NOT path?
Useful if you've got dirs like "Great Progressive Rock (King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, Rush, ELP)" and you're searching for the King Crimson tunes. With 'J' you'll get EVERY file from that dir.
And what kind of find function key is 'J' anyway? So just press 'F' to 'F'ind ;-)
To use, get an XMMS tree and in it
patch -p0 < xmms-find-file.patch

xlock XLOCALEDIR exploit

This is a (non-functioning) local root exploit for xlock - XFree 4.2.0, Redhat 7.2.



This provides a way to comfortably link OpenSSH with Libsafe, if for some reason you don't want to have Libsafe enabled system-wide and you just want OpenSSH protected. Just tar -xvfz the archive and in the OpenSSH-3.8.1p1 source directory,
patch < Makefile.patch
make install

All icons are slightly modified from David Vignoni's LGPL'd Nuvola theme for KDE.